Scott Lawson

Business Growth Strategist

Corpus Christi

Scott has led numerous manufacturing operations and provided guidance to many other through his consulting business.

Beginning his career in engineering, Scott transitioned into management after obtaining a business degree. He has successfully overseen operations across various product sectors, including off-road gearboxes, metal buildings, mobile drilling rigs, custom motor coaches, industrial storage tanks, service trucks, military aircraft components, and security entrances.

Originally from the Midwest, Scott married his high school sweetheart and started a family. As their family and love for each other grew, they resided and worked in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri until grandchildren came into their lives. With two of their five grandchildren living in Corpus Christi, Rita and Scott decided to relocate rather than continue frequent travels south (only fellow devoted grandparents can fully relate).

Scott is an avid lifelong fan of the Kansas City Chiefs (a.k.a. Dallas Texans). His loyalty to the team extends back to the days when cheap seats on the 50-yard line in the first few rows could be purchased at the box office on game day---a stark contrast to the present-day frenzy surrounding the team.

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